The Shargeek 170 Is a Powered-Up Powerbank With Prismatic Style

Pink Floyd’s legendary album, “The Dark Side of the Moon,” has become something of an iconic source of inspiration among designers. The album’s innovative instrumentation and cutting lyrics changed rock music in the 70s, but the cover art itself is a treasure — one which has withstood the test of time. A beautiful yet simple piece of artwork, “The Dark Side of the Moon” album cover depicts a full spectrum of color radiating off of a single point as it passes through a triangular prism. Metaphors aside, there’s real science going on there, and thus it was only a matter of time before we’d see consumer electronics designs taking cues from the album’s minimalistic, yet far-ahead-of-its-time (and very far out) box art.

Fast forward about 50 years, and here we have the Shargeek 170. Its distinguishing transparent prism design houses a full array of internal circuitry, giving it a futuristic look. But its true value goes far beyond appearance and style; the charger itself contains some really powerful capabilities. Plus, if you’re unfamiliar with SHARGE (aka Shargeek, though they’ve switched it up now), you’re in for a treat. This storied tech designer has a long and bright track record devising uniquely gorgeous and durable yet high-performance chargers, like a tiny Retro 35W GaN Charger which looks like an old 1984 Macintosh, MacOS logo and all. That’s why the Shargeek 170, possibly SHARGE’s best portable charger to date, is so exciting.

Designer: SHARGE

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Let’s get straight into the nitty gritty. The Shargeek 170 power bank has a maximum output of 170W thanks to its use of the PD 3.1 USB-C specification in both of its two USB-C ports. Within the Shargeek 170’s titular 170W maximum power output, it can deliver a maximum single-port output of 140W to any device which can safely charge that fast — for instance, a modern MacBook Pro. The important part of this feature is that it allows compatible devices to charge from 0% to 50% within 20 minutes. On the other hand, you can simultaneously charge the charger itself plus up to three devices across the charger’s two USB-C ports and single USB-A port, and that’s fantastic because the Shargeek 170 will actually split its output (up to 65W) between each connected device, even in passthrough mode.

Inspired by Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd’s timeless masterpiece.

170W max output with PD 3.1 140W max single-port output. Powers up your devices in no time.

If you’re curious about how much power each device needs before it can finish charging, the Shargeek 170 charger features a few bells and whistles to make that easier. First, it comes with a smart display; this provides what SHARGE describes as “full visibility and control over the charging process,” and it can even set off a warning alarm if you attempt to push the charging cells outside of their maximum operating range (as in, if you try to charge too much stuff while outside in the hot sun). Second, if you need to charge your laptop and your phone plus a wearable — like wireless earbuds or a smartwatch — you’ll benefit from the Shargeek 170’s Low-current Mode, which is designed to charge those devices safely.

Packed with 2×USB-C and 1×USB-A ports, for 3-device fast charging at once.

Speaking of safety, this is easily one of the sturdiest portable power banks on the market: every type of environmental hazard you can think of is evidently protected against, including “over-current, over-voltage, overload, under-voltage, overheat, and short-circuit protections” on top of, of course, standard IP4 dust and water resistance.

Surprise with IP4 water resistance – one fewer thing to worry about!

And on top of all that, this could be the longest-lasting portable charging bank I’ve seen with fast-charging capabilities this smart. Did I mention how gorgeous it is? Its translucent prism design makes it reflect light in a beautiful spectrum wave not unlike what’s happening in Pink Floyd’s legendary box art. But, what exactly is inside of all that gadgetry hidden beneath its see-through outer shell? The answer: 24,000mAh of sheer battery power stored across six durable electric-vehicle-grade batteries. These allow the Shargeek 170 to maintain 80% capacity even after 800+ charges, and that means you can use this thing heavily for — at minimum — three years, before you ever see a dent in its performance.

So far, SHARGE has raised over $2.5 million thanks to the help of more than 23,000 backers, signaling that the Shargeek 170 is garnering strong market interest, and given how successful its crowdfunding campaign has been thus far, you’re going to want to grab one of these super-fast, super-durable chargers at their current discount price. You can still nab one for $119 via the Super Early Bird pledge tier — a 40% discount from the charger’s eventual MSRP.

Click Here to Buy Now: $119 $199 (40% off). Hurry, only 183/2500 left! Raised over $600,000.