Sennheiser MOMENTUM Sport earbuds with temperature and heart rate sensor for active individuals debut at CES 2024

Audiophiles who swear by Sennheiser’s unique audio quality and design have eagerly awaited the next version of the acclaimed earbuds. The waiting is over as the German audio specialist brought the new lineup of headphones and earbuds to CES 2024. These include the upgraded ACCENTUM headphones, MOMENTUM Ture Wireless 4 earbuds and MOMENTUM Sport earbuds.

Each of these newly revealed audio accessories comes with upgrades to the previous versions. Our focus however is centered on the MOMENTUM Sport earbuds. Loaded with their own set of nice features the lifestyle buds are a great option for audio lovers for whom the Beats Fit Pro, Shokz OpenFit, or Jabra Elite 8 Active don’t make the cut.

Designer: Sennheiser

The new pair of IP55-rated earbuds for active individuals refresh Sennheiser’s line-up with a fitness-focused build. The standout feature of the buds is the heart rate monitor and body temperature sensing capabilities. Sennheiser has managed to fit a photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor that seamlessly syncs real-time data with apps including Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Strava or Polar Flow. Including the body sensors in a pair of earbuds makes complete sense as the inner ear is the most stable area of the body during physical activity. This ensures consistent biometrics with a temperature accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius and heart rate measurements ranging from 30 bpm to 220 bpm.

For sound quality, the MOMENTUM Sport comes with a 10mm transducer to deliver a punchy bass and vivid soundstage. To prevent occlusion effect or pressure in the ears, the earbuds boast an acoustic relief channel. One gripe that runners or active individuals always complain about the sports earbuds is the footstep thunder, body sounds or heavy breathing noises. The earbuds come with ear tips and fins for a secure fit and flaunt a semi-open design for passive transparent mode. There’s also the ANC mode for focus periods and the anti-wind mode for windy outdoor conditions.

The IP54 rated wireless case provides 18 hours of playback on a single full charge and with the 6 hours on the buds themselves, users can expect a full day of listening without a hitch. We believe these could be the values with ANC on and for listening without ANC enabled this can be stretched further. For 10 minutes of charging time, the buds can play for 45 minutes on the fly. Users can tweak the sound profile and toggle other settings via the Smart Control app.

For those who believe in the quality of Sennheiser audio, the Sport earbuds will be available on April 9 for a price tag of $330 in black, green and graphite color options.