The Twitter (X) Smartphone sports an X-shaped camera and a dedicated rear display for notifications

While the world’s been living on a prayer of a Tesla phone some day, designer Antonio De Rosa had a much better idea – why not build a phone centered around a much more smartphone-centric company? The Object-X is every microblogger’s dream device, with its own dedicated display unit just for Twitter (ahem, X). You can see notifications, browse the app, send tweets, and even access your Tesla right through the rear display. For everything else, a normal front display serves its purpose. Oh, and extra points if you noticed the X-shaped camera bump…

Designer: Antonio De Rosa

Just given the company’s (and its founder’s) trajectory over the past year, the Object-X may not be for everyone, but as a concept and design exercise, it makes for a pretty nifty piece of hardware. It builds on all of Elon’s companies’ most smartphone-centric features, from the social media app to Tesla integration, AI-based computational photography, and even enhanced connectivity thanks to Tesla SpaceLink.

The Object-X sports a 6.9-inch (nice) screen on the front, with a slightly asymmetric design and a sharper corner on the bottom right, with a dedicated X button that doubles as an Action Button, allowing you to do things like fire up the social media app, start your Tesla, or even chat with Grok (X’s ‘free speech’ AI chatbot). No, it probably isn’t made from the same metal as the Cybertruck, but it’s nice to think that maybe this could be possible one day.

The rear display is the Object-X’s most visually iconic feature, giving Twitter-addicts their dedicated supply of the microblogging platform. Although it’s really impossible to get any typing done on that small screen, it’s perfect for browsing tweets, retweeting, checking notifications, and liking tweets from your feed. A sidebar lets you also toggle between Twitter and Tesla applets, so you can also do things like locate your car, auto-park it, unlock it, or even remote-start your vehicle.

If the secondary display didn’t excite you, the quad-cam system probably might. Shaped to look like the X logo, the cameras are augmented by Twitter’s GROK AI that processes the photos to give you great images every time… or at least that’s what designer Antonio De Rosa envisions with the phone. The four cameras cover a wide range of scenarios, while a flash in the middle handles low-light photography.

The Object-X is clearly just a concept phone, but it explores possibilities more than it does feasibility. I doubt most people would trust Musk with a smart device that knows everything about you (no single person deserves all that power), but hey, you never know… the Cybertruck still has 1.9 million preorders as of last year, with no clear delivery in sight. People clearly have money to spare when it comes to Musk’s visions.

Sony redesigns sports earphones with an ‘off-ear’ rendition to ensure comfortable running experience

The running community is used to the regular wireless earphones with ANC and splash-proofing. For the first time, there is a company that thinks the runners – and those involved in active sports – need a specially tailored pair of earphones, which is a little more. And who better to do that than Sony!

The masters of good sound and design excellence have revealed the Float Run (available on Amazon), which forgoes the traditional in-ear design for an off-ear style that allows the earbuds to rest outside the ear while holding snug with a clip-on, over-ear extension and a flexible neckband.

Designer: Sony

Those who remember bone conducting earphones would recognize the design instantly. Sony Float Run is engineered to be worn outside the ear, somewhat like the bone conducting ones that are clipped to the ear lobe. I have used this type of earphones; the sound and efficacy are not compromised but there is a pain point, they tend to release the sound outward so people around can hear what you are listening to.

How much has Sony figured that out and plugged the pain point is going to clear up only with use – we were not able to find clear evidence to this – but what we are clear about is that the Float Run is a comfortable fit and delivers high-quality sound to the listener.

The speakers of the Sony headphones are designed to float in front of the ears so you can enjoy comfort and convenience while running. Since the ears are not stuffed with the buds, the runners or sportspersons do not feel pressure in the ear, even after prolonged usage. The interesting aspect of the Sony device is that it allows you to hear the ambient sound naturally when you are wearing them.

The sound from the outside is naturally heard, so it can be safely worn while walking on the trail, running on the road, or pumping your muscles in the gym. If the sound from the outside is allowed in, the earbuds have to maintain a good speaker standard. To that end, the Float Run come with large, 16mm driver that allows excellent sound, thick base, and treble; though slightly higher volume than usual may be necessary.

Provided with IPX4 Splash Protection, the Sony earphone, which runs for up to 10 hours on a single charge, would allow you to enjoy music when you are sweating or running in a sudden shower. The Float Run weighs only 33g and is powered through the USB Type-C connector. If you like the idea of an earphone that doesn’t make your ear feel constrained, you can think of taking these home for usage during sports, including running.

Nike’s Industrial Designer Brings You A Sustainable Tote For Your Sports Fashion Needs

In a world driven by innovation and sustainability, Nike, the global athletic powerhouse, is pushing the boundaries of eco-conscious design with its latest creation: the Nike Forward Cargo Tote. Crafted from Nike’s groundbreaking sustainable material, Nike Forward, this tote combines functionality with minimalism to create a unique accessory that mirrors your individuality.

Designer: Brent Radewald

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What sets the Nike Forward Cargo Tote apart is its remarkable material, Nike Forward. This is not your typical fabric; it’s a sustainable game-changer that embodies Nike’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Unlike traditional textiles that are either knit or woven, Nike Forward is engineered from multiple thin layers of carefully selected fibers. The result is a lightweight material that dramatically reduces its carbon footprint by an astonishing 75%. It’s not just a tote; it’s a symbol of Nike’s journey toward a zero-waste and zero-carbon future.

The Nike Forward Cargo Tote isn’t just about sustainability; it’s also highly functional. It features a unique Forward insert that snaps into a cargo net cage. This ingenious design allows you to clip on smaller items securely, while still providing room for more oversized items externally in the cargo net. Whether it’s your water bottle, umbrella, or a pair of running shoes, the cargo net cage makes it easy to keep your essentials at your fingertips.

Gif 1

One of the most significant advantages of the Nike Forward Cargo Tote is its large main compartment, providing ample space for all your gear. Whether you’re heading to the gym, running errands, or off to work, this tote can handle it all. The magnetic envelope closure ensures easy access to your belongings while you’re on the move, giving you a hassle-free experience during your busy day.

For those who appreciate a well-organized bag, the Nike Forward Cargo Tote has you covered. It features an internal slip pocket, which is perfect for keeping smaller items in check. Your keys, phone, wallet, or any other small essentials are easily within reach, ensuring you don’t have to dig through your bag in a frenzy.

While the Nike Forward Cargo Tote offers a well-thought-out design, it’s essential to mention a minor quirk. The cargo net cage, though incredibly versatile, may pose a challenge if you’re not careful. It’s easy to mistake it for a solid compartment and hastily place smaller items within it. Once these items are in, they can be somewhat challenging to retrieve. So, a word to the wise – keep an eye on where you place your smaller belongings in the tote to avoid any frustration.

In conclusion, the Nike Forward Cargo Tote is a prime example of fashion and functionality meeting sustainability. Nike’s innovative use of the eco-friendly Forward material, combined with a smart cargo net cage and ample storage space, makes this tote an ideal choice for those who are both fashion-conscious and eco-conscious. Just remember to be mindful of how you use the cargo net, and you’ll find that this tote is a stylish and practical companion for your everyday adventures. Embrace the future of fashion with Nike’s Forward Cargo Tote, and take a step towards a more sustainable, environmentally responsible lifestyle.

AirPods with Watch Ultra styling is most unusual Apple earbuds for sports and extreme adventures

There are some designers who have taken Apple products by their neck to recreate them in unfathomable conceptions. After the iPhone 13 Pro camera array case for the AirPods, designer Taiseer Zarruk is now influenced by the idea of the Apple Watch Ultra. So much so that, following the naming spree in favor of the ultra moniker, the designer has gone on to name his outrageously exciting creation the AirPods Ultra.

From the name itself you can guess, the AirPods are getting an Ultra treatment, and before you think, this is how! The Apple AirPods Ultra – a pair of earbuds, as they are, with a body akin to the Watch Ultra, and passed on to customers with an accompanying Apple Watch Ultra-shaped charging case for the earpiece.

Designer: Taiseer Zarruk

Yes, you read that right! The Watch Ultra comes with built-in AirPods, that will take your listening experience to a whole new level. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie diving into extreme sports or embarking on treacherous expeditions, the AirPods Ultra is your trusty sidekick, providing unparalleled reliability amid chaos.

So, what can this wonder device do? Well, for starters, it’s not just a pair of earbuds drawing design inspiration from the Apple Watch Ultra complete with the crown. Yet, the AirPods Ultra integrated into the Watch Ultra isn’t your ordinary earbuds. They also function as hearing aids, making the world accessible to those with listening challenges.

Imagine the joy of being able to hear the rustling leaves in the forest or the roar of the waves on a deep blue sea—all possible with the AirPods Ultra: a game-changer in every sense! This sleek and stylish earpiece comes in a range of colors, from the pristine Avalanche White to the bold Red Track, making sure you can flaunt it in style no matter where you go.

The AirPods Ultra’s earpiece fits snugly in your ear, providing the perfect fit even during the most rigorous activities. And the best part? The body effortlessly adapts to every move you make, delivering unparalleled stability. The Watch Ultra features a telescopic soft band that can be adjusted to provide the perfect level of comfort and earphone security. No more fumbling with uncomfortable straps or worrying about your earbuds falling out during a crucial moment; the far-fetched ideas have got all the bases covered.