Top 5 Tech Trends We Spotted At CES 2024

2024 was kickstarted with CES, marking an exceptional and exciting start of the year for the electronics world. It’s the time of the year when the industry presents its most innovative products, concepts, and designs – showcasing the best of its work. And, this year CES 2024 was no disappointment, we came across groundbreaking products designed to improve and enhance our lives, as well as the lives of our pets, and the overall welfare of the planet! We also picked up quite a few exciting trends at CES that we believe may shape the path for the tech and electronics world in 2024, and the coming years. From an incredible use of AI to a rise in transparent screens – we’ve dived into some of the innovative and valuable trends we spotted at CES 2024.

1. Rise of Transparent Screens

At CES 2024, industry giants like LG and Samsung provided an innovative and refreshing take on screens! LG presented a TV that almost disappears into the background when you don’t want to see it, while Samsung showcased its latest transparent MicroLED tech. Transparent screens have been a major trend at CES, giving us an acute idea of what our television viewing experience could be in the years to come.

LG’s SIGNATURE OLED T is the world’s first wireless transparent 4K OLED TV. The screen gets entirely covered and lit up with vibrant pictures, fluid animations, and ecstatic images, completely concealing what’s behind those parts, while retaining transparency in the areas without images. Samsung’s MicroLED was kept beside Transparent OLEDs and LEDS, quite literally presenting the distinction between them. The MicroLEDS have much better illumination and colors, with almost no bezels on the side, creating an edge-to-edge experience.

2. Robotics

Robotics was a major recurring theme at CES 2024, and we saw some super cool ones with modern innovations. Robots are invading our homes, one step at a time, so it was no shocker to witness some at CES, and we must admit some of them looked pretty cute too, like Ogmen’s ORo – an intelligent home robot that was designed to be the ‘pawfect’ playmate, guardian, and caretaker for you canine best friend!

We also caught a glimpse of Beatb0t –  the most advanced intelligent pool-cleaning robot for your ultimate convenience and peace of mind. It is equipped with 20 sensors, 9 motors, 4 brushes, and 2 filters, and emits not only immense power but also mindblowing smarts. Shift Robotics’ Moonwalker X was another fantastic catch – they’re redesigned robotic shoes with small wheels that are designed to give people advanced mobility and safety in their line of work.

3. Prevalence of AI in Laptops

At CES 2024 we saw companies such as Lenovo and Acer taking crucial steps to integrate AI into their line of products. The potential and scope for AI are slowly becoming undeniable, although it remains a frightening concept for some. Acer employed AI in its latest generation of lightweight laptop family, while Lenovo provided its own AI offering in the form of the Yoga Creator Zone.

The Acer PurifiedView AI-boosted conferencing features include Background Blur, Automatic Framing, and Eye Contact. On the other hand, Acer PurifiedVoic 2.0 makes use of AI to reduce background noise and offer crisp and clear voices in all meetings. They also feature a dedicated Windows Copilot key which allows AI-powered optimizations. With the Yoga Creator Zone, Lenovo offers a generative AI that comes built-in into its Yoga-series laptops that are running Microsoft Windows 11.

4. Reemergence Of Old-School Tech

We’ve all had (or most of us) had our BlackBerry days, where we would swiftly type out a long response using our QWERTY keyboard. There are benefits to having and using physical keys to type with, for example – muscle memory, accuracy, and sheer satisfaction. And Clicks is an iPhone case that you can snap onto your phone, and have a full yet tiny QWERTY keyboard for you to use.

Clicks is ingenious in the fact, that when most innovators are moving forward, Clicks has taken a smart step into the past. They’ve rejuvenated an old-school and nostalgic form of tech, that also has its benefits. Clicks is leaving behind the serious and business-like aesthetic of the Blackberry and instead has adopted circular keys, curves, and fun colors such as the yellow BumbleBee or the gray London Sky.

5. Focus on Sustainability

The focus on sustainability has been prevalent for a while, and we saw brands like Acer and Mosslab dive deeper into the sustainable tech game. Acer has been carrying the sustainability torch since 2021 with its Vero line of laptops, however this year they took it a step further with the Aspire Vero 16 which offers the most powerful carbon-neutral AI PC yet! Acer’s Aspire Vero 16 features a chassis made with 60% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) and uses no volatile organic compounds, paint, or additives in its Cobblestone gray surface. It also uses an OceanGlass trackpad that is built using recycled ocean-bound plastic, and it is shipped in 100% recycled packaging.

Mosslab on the other hand offered the Moss Air, which is essentially a terrarium in a sleek and futuristic form. Moss Air makes use of the natural capabilities of moss to filter air, and produce clean oxygen for you! It is a desk accessory that combines an air purifier and humidifier in one body.