Staggered Skyscraper In Tirana Is Made Up Of 13 Cube Volumes Making It A “Unique Vertical Village”

Designed by Portuguese studio OODA, this stunning and impressive skyscraper is made up of 13 staggered cube volumes and is intended to be the design for the Hora Vertikale residential development in Tirana. It is supposed to be unveiled in spring 2024 and is designed to be a 140-meter-tall building that will house apartments placed over a park amped with multiple public amenities.

Designer: OODA

Nestled in the Albanian capital Tirana, OODA designed the Hora Vertikale to engage with the local community and describes the towering structure as “a unique vertical village set amidst a large green city”. 13 cubes have been designed and created in seven variations, and each cube measures 22.5 meters by 22.4 meters and is seven stories tall, which is typically the height of buildings in Tirana.

The foundation or base of the building comprises three rows of three cubes, with a couple of them set apart and rotated a bit to create a narrow gap. Two side-by-side cubes sit on the top, followed by two singular ones that in turn form an expansive building that is six cubes tall. The cube at the top will be equipped with angular balconies that are supported by columns punctuating the perimeter. “Each cube embodies a unique concept related to art and is also inspired by the local vernacular,” said OODA.

What makes the building even more impressive, is that it will be made from locally sourced materials from Albanian, which will reduce its carbon footprint, and also provide support to local businesses.

“The result is a building that leaves a lasting impact on both city visitors and those who live there,” said the studio. “From a distance, the building presents distinct elevations and perceptions from different views around the city. Up close, the concept’s playful interplay reveals its secrets, and the compositions step back from the main road towards the park at the rear, creating the most adequate transition in terms of scale.”

This stunning building is set to be the latest high-profile skyscraper to be constructed in Tirana with a rather unique design that instantly grabs eyeballs.