NEOM coastal resort and hotel concept looks straight out of a sci-fi movie

High-rise buildings seem to be the trending design in architecture, but some visionaries plan to take that to the extreme. Concepts and even actual construction of buildings seem to defy logic and physics in order to create a striking skyline that will be remembered for centuries. With their riches and resources, countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia seem to be in a race to erect towering structures that will provide not only shelter but also the ultimate luxury, unlocking vistas that would be unimaginable by current standards. The latest dream to be revealed would take root on the Gulf of Aqaba in northwestern Saudi Arabia, where not just one or even two but three towers will rise like sharp needles that pierce the heavens to offer a lavish escape from the stresses of the future.

Designer: NEOM

The Gulf of Aqaba, which forms one of the northern tips of the Red Sea, paints quite a dramatic picture because of the marriage of two geographical extremes: a coastal strip and a desert plain. Erecting skyscrapers would mar this picturesque scenery, but having just two creates an even more striking effect, like alien obelisks rising from the sands to act as portals to other worlds. It is perhaps not by coincidence that NEOM describes the Epicon as a gateway to the future, particularly the future of hotel and resort tourism for the region.

The main structure of the hotel concept is two asymmetrical towers, one 275 meters (902 feet) in height, the other only 225 meters (739 feet). The 41 key hotel and luxury residences comprise 14 suites and apartments and the two towers are connected by an elevated platform with exposed structural beams. In fact, the entire design of the Epicon towers has this industrial aesthetic from a distance, enhancing the mystique of the structure and creating a distinctive skyline that easily promotes the resort by itself.

This key motif is also employed in the Epicon resort that lines up the coastal shore, featuring 120 rooms and 45 residential beach villas. The single tower mirrors the twin hotel skyscrapers on a smaller scale, creating a play on perspective that serves to magnify the imposing presence of the twin towers. The distance between these two amenities generates an atmosphere of adventure and travel when going from one location to the other as if journeying between different worlds connected by a common vision and culture.

This otherworldly theme is especially evident at night when those structural beams are illuminated to create a visual not unlike futuristic towers from science fiction. It’s designed to invoke feelings of awe, wonder, and curiosity, inviting people from all walks of life to lose themselves in a luxurious experience away from the mind-numbing routines of daily life. The resort and hotel may be envisioned to offer first-class experiences and world-class service when it finally opens its doors, but Epicon’s design alone already entices visitors with epic moments of luxury, peace, and inspiration.