80% smaller than the average car: This Compact EV seats 2 people and fits into tight parking spots

Motorcycles are agile but don’t have the conveniences a car offers. Cars have roofs, storage space, and are more stable, but they aren’t as compact as motorcycles. Granstudio’s vision for Komma, a Swiss-based mobility startup, was to blur the line between the two. The Komma UMV is unique in that it borrows the best bits from a car and a motorcycle. For all intents and purposes, it looks and feels like a car, with four wheels, a roof, doors, and even a boot to store luggage. However, it’s no wider than a motorcycle, making it 80% smaller than most cars, run on 66% less energy, and have all the safety features of a car, from seatbelts to airbags.

Designer: Granstudio

The Komma UMV is entirely a new category of vehicle, borrowing the best bits from cars, motorbikes, ATVs, and even the Asian TukTuks. It prioritizes efficiency without compromising on mobility and rider comfort, and when it does make trade-offs, it does so in a way that really feels like features. For example, it might be smaller than a car, but its slim format allows it to weave between traffic and park in even the tightest spaces without breaking a sweat.

“In the studio, we focus on both designing cars and developing mobility plans for future cities. However, when we try to combine these two aspects, something doesn’t quite fit,” say the designers at GranStudio “This is particularly evident in Europe, where it is clear that the ideal city we envision for the future prioritizes the quality of public spaces and community values. It is a city where cars do not naturally belong and are out of context.”

In scaling the car down to this two-seater format, the math adds up to some real savings for both the rider and the planet. The Komma UMV is 80% smaller than your average car and has a 70% reduced ecological footprint. It consumes 66% less energy than a car, which translates to 70% lower operational and fuel costs than your regular gas-powered vehicle. All that really makes a difference in the grand scheme of things, making the Komma UMV perfect for single-person or two-person rides.

That being said, the UMV has all the benefits of a car. It runs on four wheels that employ a unique hydraulic tilting system for stability, but also enable tighter turns, just like a motorcycle. You’ve got a 4WD system, suspension, anti-collision protocols, and an anti-lock braking system. The car also comes with doors, a roof, seatbelts, airbags, and its occupants don’t need helmets. The windshield has airbags, and the UMV has storage space in both the front as well as the boot, offering much more storage space than a two-wheeler. Given its width constraint and hydraulic tilting system, it uses handlebars, which seem to be the only actual remnant left behind from the motorcycling world, along with the seating format where the passenger sits right behind the rider.

Komma offers a transformative vision for urban environments, placing a strong emphasis on enhancing the quality of public spaces and nurturing community values. By reducing the dominance of automobiles (or at least the space occupied by them), Komma paves the way for a more harmonious coexistence with nature, creating abundant room for leisure pursuits, and fostering vibrant social interactions. This shift in perspective not only redefines the city but also revitalizes it, making it a place where people and nature thrive together.

SwitchBot’s ‘Mini’ K10+ Robot Vacuum Navigates Tight Spaces Your Roomba Can’t Reach

It’s expected that with time, all technology gets more powerful, but also gets more compact. If you compare the phone we have today to the clunky Nokia mobiles of the 1990s, there’s a massive difference in their size and capabilities. Laptops, cameras, televisions have all become slimmer/sleeker with time… and now so has the robot vacuum. Compared to the average vacuum still available today, SwitchBot’s K10+ is palpably smaller in size. However, while most technology grows slim purely for visual aesthetics, the K10+’s miniature size is actually a design feature. Measuring merely 9.7 inches in diameter (24.8 centimeters), the K10+ easily fits into tight spaces where most conventional robot vacuums struggle. It weaves through the legs of stools and side tables, gets into tight gaps between the sofa and the wall, and even weaves through your dining table, cleaning between the table legs, chairs, etc. Touted as the smallest robot vacuum cleaner with an external dustbin, the K10+ is 50% smaller than a conventional vacuum, and 90% more efficient too, because of its ability to clean more parts of your home.

Designer: SwitchBot

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With it’s compact design K10+ can reach smaller spaces to clean better.

Feature for feature, the K10+ matches up to every flagship robot vacuum, with high suction, wet and dry cleaning, smart features, auto navigation, no-go zones, quiet motor, and a 4L dustbin that also doubles as the K10+ charging station. However, its less-than-10-inch diameter and 3.6-inch vertical make it perfect for navigating every nook and cranny in your home. The robot comes equipped with a vacuum capable of 2500Pa, but is practically inaudible thanks to SwitchBot’s SilenTech technology that cuts noise by 50% to a manageable 48 decibels, making the K10+’s operating noise much lower than conventional vacuums. That means more cleaning, less disturbance, and a lower chance of the vacuum driving your pet dog crazy.

K10+ features a design that can blend in with any home, making it even less intrusive.

LiDAR Navigation.
K10+ allows you to achieve AI level precise mapping and quickly plan cleaning range at a speed of 2080 pts/sec.

K10+ returns to its base station for charging when battery is low, and returns to the last place it cleaned to finish up.

Deploy your K10+ and it effectively maps out and navigates your house, cleaning parts that would often get neglected by other robot vacuums. The rotating brushes push dirt, dust, and food particles towards the suction head, which promptly vacuums it right into the K10+’s built-in dust tank. The K10+ wet-mops too, thanks to a disposable ‘Cleaning Pad’ that plugs to the base of the vacuum, and can be removed and discarded after use like a wet-wipe for your floor. The dust within the K10+, however, gets automatically disposed in its dedicated garbage collection base. The base, which also charges your K10+, collects all the dust and dirt vacuumed by the robot in its large receptacle. With an overall 4-liter capacity, you have to clean out the base less often, freeing up your time so that the robot does the chores… not you.

Use the app to control the K10+

Setting a cleanup routine on the K10 is as easy as either using SwitchBot’s app or giving a voice command to your smart home AI. The K10+ is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Siri Shortcuts, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT, while the smartphone app gives you access to even more features like being able to set specific cleaning areas, program no-go zones, etc.

The ‘world’s smallest vacuum’ comes with a petite price tag to match, starting at $499 (with a special coupon that brings the price down to $399.99 on Amazon). Its small design might fool you, but it’s equally powerful as your current robot vacuum while being more nimble and efficient, allowing it to reach those inaccessible parts of your home too. Moreover, it weighs 5 lbs (2.3 kilograms), allowing you to carry it up and down the stairs too, for multi-level cleanliness!

Click Here to Buy Now: $399.99 $499.99 (20% off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!