Jackery’s Latest Rooftop Tent for your Camper also has a set of 1000W Solar Panels for off-grid travel

In a blend of sustainable energy and outdoor adventure, Jackery is redefining the concept of off-grid living with its latest innovation: a rooftop tent that doubles as a powerful solar generator. Debuting at CES this year, this 1000W system, featuring retractable solar panels, is not just a fleeting showcase but a promising reality set to enter production in the latter part of 2024. Positioned atop a pickup, the tent unfurls to reveal a sizable solar array, angling gracefully toward the sun. The retractable panels are designed to generate up to 4.96kWh daily in the sunny western U.S., diminishing slightly to 4kWh as one travels eastward. While details about its wind resilience are pending, the focus, for now, is on its remarkable energy-harnessing capability.

Designer: Jackery

Rooftop tents equipped with solar panels aren’t novel, but Jackery’s approach is. Traditional setups often rely on lightweight, flexible panels that don’t fully utilize the available surface area, leading to suboptimal energy conversion. Jackery changes the game by covering the entire roof with solar cells and extending them outward, ensuring maximum power generation and neatly integrating the necessary wiring to feed the Jackery power station.

The concept feeds into a separate 1.26kWh E1000 Plus power station, boasting 2000W of AC output, enough to power a range of appliances from a portable air conditioner to an electric cooker. Interestingly, the E1000 Plus isn’t just sun-dependent; it can also recharge from your car or a wall jack, offering flexibility for various travel scenarios.

Beyond power, the tent promises comfort and convenience. It’s equipped with a memory foam mattress, insulation, dimmable and color-controllable lighting, and waterproof fabric with blackout windows. The promise of an “onboard charging module” in the production version adds a layer of anticipation to what’s already an exciting proposition.

As Jackery prepares to bring this concept to life, outdoor enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike wait with bated breath. The company’s innovation not only offers a greener way to travel but also promises a blend of comfort and convenience that’s often lacking in off-grid adventures. While we await more details and the eventual roll-out in Q4, one thing is clear: the future of outdoor living looks a lot brighter, and it’s powered by the sun.

This super-slim, portable Bluetooth speaker is fitting companion for your next travel destination and Harman Kardon portfolio

There is no denying the profound impact travel and music have on healing the mind and rejuvenating the body. When we travel, a good portable speaker is a necessary companion to enhance well-being and inspire us back to take up the mundane life by its neck, until travel is on the itinerary once again.

Top-notch brands have a range of portable Bluetooth speakers on the market that tinkle the audio senses beyond imagination, but it’s the design that weighs heavier on our choice. To that accord, Harman Kardon has been at the forefront of delivering portable audio equipment that helps us tap the transformative power of music on the go. Case in point the Esquire Mini 2!

Designer: Sunghyun (Teddy) Hwang

Taking a leaf from the design of this ultra-slim and portable Bluetooth speaker, a designer has tweaked the form factor to give us a super-slim speaker that evokes memories of a Sony point-and-shoot camera. Fittingly called the Traveller, the Bluetooth speaker is designed according to the Harman Kardon design language. It has a premium design and a look as iconic as the Esquire Mini 2, with touch control buttons and LED light indicators on the top.

Entrusted with meaty features for a traveler’s liking, the slimy speaker comes powered by a high-density battery offering up to 10 hours of backup for uninterrupted music on the go. Interestingly, the Traveller has reverse charge functionality. So, when your primary device playing music through the speaker dies, you can use the Traveller as a power bank to juice it up back to life.

Since the beautiful and compact speaker has Harman Kardon branding; the range and sound quality are a given. What would stand out for many – who cannot avoid calls no matter where they go – the Traveller features dual microphones with built-in echo and noise cancellation for clarity in calls you take or make. To be delivered in three interesting colors: black, silver and electric blue within a premium quality carry pouch, the Traveller Bluetooth speaker intends to be a suitable companion for your next travel destination and Harman’s portfolio.


This Travel-Friendly Coffee Grinder is compact enough to travel everywhere with you

It’s a no-brainer that fresh ingredients lead to fresher-tasting food. Whether it’s a salad or a cup of coffee, the ingredients do play a role in overall flavor… but not everyone has access to fresh iceberg lettuce, and not everyone has the time/energy to freshly grind their coffee every morning. It’s common to err on the side of convenience and I’ll admit to drinking instant coffee when I’m in a rush, or when I’m traveling but the folks at Goudveer have a handy solution. The Goudveer F1 casually combines freshness and convenience together, ensuring that you don’t need to compromise on what might just be the first ritual of your day. The F1 is a portable, sleek, wireless coffee grinder that works both automatically as well as manually. With industrial-grade conical burrs and a motor that offers 100 grind settings, the Goudveer F1 gives you access to fresh coffee whether you’re at home, camping in the woods, or even at a minimally-stocked AirBnb in Osaka. The grinder comes with a built-in fold-out collection tray, and lets you hot-swap a motor for one-button electric grinding, or a hand-crank for a more ritualistic hands-on grinding experience. The best part? It’s practically the size of a small thermos, fitting into bags, backpacks, suitcases, or even your tiny apartment kitchen drawer.

Designer: Goudveer Baristaware

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $179 (50% off). Hurry, only 2 left!

Designed in Norway, the Goudveer F1 has all the hallmarks of Scandinavian minimalism, with a simple-yet-sophisticated vertical cylindrical form factor. A faceted outer body with an anodized golden finish reflects light beautifully, while a fold-out clear container collects the coffee grinds, sort of like an inverted spice grinder. The vertical design ensures that all the coffee falls to the bottom, so you don’t need to smack the grinder around to get all the coffee out. Once done, the container slides telescopically back into the grinder, allowing it to have that tiny form factor that makes it such a travel-friendly pick.

The Goudveer F1 grinds at a speed of 1 gram per second, giving you enough for a double-shot of espresso in 15 seconds.

You can alternate between motorized or hand-cranked versions, letting you choose exactly how involved you want to be in the coffee-making process. Adding the motor gives the grinder more height, so we recommend keeping it when you want a quick, good coffee, or switching to the manual mode for travel. To keep things compact, the motor gets replaced with a simple hand-crank when used in manual mode. Rotate the handle and your coffee grinds through, effectively turning into a coarse or fine powder at the speed you like. Once you’re done, a quick rinse and dry should be fine, or if you want to place the F1 in your dishwasher, just remember to remove the motor before you do.

The patented motor and burr drive work efficiently at just 60 decibels

With 100 precise settings to choose from, the Goudveer F1 lets you fine-tune your grind, keeping it coarse for a French press or pour-over, or go superfine for an espresso machine or Turkish-style Cezve. 48mm five-star conical burrs made from high-quality stainless steel let you control your grind in increments of 0.018 mm or 18 microns (for reference, a human hair is 70 microns thick), giving you barista-level consistency. The 120W motor works with the tap of a single button, operating at a fairly quiet 60dB volume and grinding at speeds of 1 gram per second so you’ve got a 15-gram yield in just 15 seconds. The motor is powered by a battery that lasts for 35-50 grinds on a full charge, and charges via USB-C. An auto-stop feature kicks in if something (like a large coffee chunk or a loose staple pin) gets stuck in the burrs, preventing damage.

Charge it with a USB-C charger or even a power bank!

The Goudveer F1 ticks all the right boxes, from its compact size to its durable build, adaptable design, fast-yet-quiet motor, and ultimately its $89 price point which only includes the motorized variant. If you want both motorized and handheld options, a discounted $99 price tag fetches you an adaptable version of the world’s smallest pro-level electric coffee grinder.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $179 (50% off). Hurry, only 2 left!

The compact size makes it perfect for traveling

Vast travel trailer is exceptionally versatile camping solution with transforming amenities

Clean, spacious design with amenities to suffice your day’s outing, or even extended stays, has to be the standpoint of a travel trailer. Of course, each one we come across, from day to day, has the bases covered, but then some surpass the obvious and leave you in awe: a desire propagates and you keep looking on. The Vast travel trailer is an embodiment of this kind, with its striking green exterior and an interior you don’t want to get out of.

Designed and developed by SylvanSport, the Vast travel trailer is meant for those who like more from the basics. At first gawk, the trailer is not more than a metallic green block for the eyes to behold, but when you take it out for a spin, this guy can transform into an interesting camper of choices to add and transform.

Designer: SylvanSport

And when we say that, we mean it for the umpteen facilities it packs within, which includes a ceiling retractable bed, converting sofa, and a very interesting slide-out kitchen. This may just intrigue a few, but the trailer becomes a wonder for all enthusiasts’ interest at a campsite where the awning effortlessly stretches out and the rooftop solar panels do their bit of storing energy for the night.

Within the Vast travel trailer, there are two actual queen-size beds. One hides in the ceiling until you need at: It slides down on its motorized lift system on call. Right underneath is the living area featuring an L-shaped sofa with a folding table. When you are out camping with a couple of friends, the sofa backrests can slide down flat to give you an additional bed.

The fascinating part of the living space is the modularity it exhibits in that, you can shift the seating front and back on its tracks to create a garage space in the rear for your bike. The access is through the tailgate and interestingly, despite this readjustment, the living space remains functional.

Coming to the culinary requirements: the kitchen is designed to slide out of the body into a full-fledged option on the road. It comes equipped with a wooden prep area, a 2 burner gas stove, foldable sink, drawers for storage, microwave oven and a portable fridge. While on the outside, there are a few more fascinations for the gear junkies. You have, on the driver’s side, mounts for kayaks and other items, and a 510-liter storage section, which hides behind it the batteries, propane tank and a spare tire. With all the features mentioned, SylvanSport has priced the Vast travel trailer at $49,995.

Self-hitching electric travel trailer, Pebble Flow can deploy at the camp at the push of a button

Imagine a travel trailer that’s truly accessible and comfortable for everyone, designed with both beauty and strength in mind. Sunnyvale, California-based Pebble has made this vision a reality with its innovative creation, the Pebble Flow. This travel trailer redefines the RV lifestyle, offering unmatched aerodynamics, eco-friendliness, and technological intricacies not seen before.

Pebble Flow is a stark departure from the ordinary travel trailer; it’s 300 percent more aerodynamic as instead of conforming to the regular rectangular shape, Pebble Flow boasts a flowy and curvy design, akin to a car’s construction. This enhances its aesthetics, provides for a longer towing range, and a safer experience on the road.

Designer: Pebble

Pebble Flow is built using a rigorous automotive manufacturing process, featuring a space-grade aluminum frame construction. The use of lightweight composite and sustainable materials ensures durability and eco-friendliness, making it a trailer build to last.

This robust trailer takes convenience to the next level with its magic hatch, which allows it to sight, align, and hitch itself autonomously. More excitingly, the Pebble App allows the travel trailer to be reversed, parked, or even turned 360 degrees in place, exactly as you desire, without being connected to a tow vehicle.

Pebble Flow runs on solar power generated from its 1kW solar panels, while the onboard 45 kWh LFP battery takes care of the power needs of the appliances so that the trailer can remain off the grid for up to seven days with ease. The travel trailer is even equipped with a 240V AC output that permits it to charge an electric vehicle or another RV, and the regenerative braking system permits the trailer to charge itself while being towed.

The trailer takes automation to the next level with a simple touch mechanism. It can deploy at the camp by unfolding the stairs, turning on the lights, and pitching the awning, and much more at the push of a button. And even fold back up in the same manner when you are ready to move to a new location. All for a starting price of $109,000.

The innovation continues on the inside of the Pebble Flow, which is packed with comfort and versatility. Its panoramic windows offer a breathtaking 270-degree view, and the convertible furniture and clever storage make the most of the available space. The trailer comfortably sleeps four people, with a queen-sized Murphy bed in the rear that converts into an office desk, and a dinette that transforms into a bed when you need it.

The kitchen comes prepped with a removable induction cooktop that can be taken to the outdoors. To keep the inhabitants comfortable indoors, the trailer is provided with a spa-like bathroom and is equipped with a 37-gallon fresh water tank and a combined 50-gallon grey and black tank to cater to extended trips.

Award-Winning Solar-Powered Aircraft Ushers in a New Era of Zero-Emission Travel

Carbon-neutral flight seems to quite literally be on the horizon with this conceptual falcon-shaped aircraft. The eponymously named Falcon Horizon embraces the boundless potential of solar power with a uniquely designed body that additionally helps with lift and allows the aircraft to navigate the skies. Departing from conventional aircraft design, this concept harnesses the advantages of flying wings, drawing inspiration from the efficiency of birds of prey.

Designer: Laszlo Nemeth

In an era where solar-powered manned flight is not only possible but actively under development, the aviation industry carries a weighty responsibility to chart a sustainable course. Falcon Solar minimizes the need for cumbersome batteries, leveraging solar energy not just for propulsion, but also for shaping the boundary layer around the wing, unlocking heightened efficiency. The solar panels extend from one wing to another, covering a massive area of the airplane, and therefore providing it with the power it needs to complete its journey. The delicate balance between propulsion and boundary layer manipulation yields superior overall performance.

As we witness the dawn of a new age in aviation, Falcon Solar stands as a testament to the potential of clean, renewable energy sources to reshape the skies. Although just a concept for now, its innovative format speaks to the collective aspirations of a world seeking greener horizons, while propelling us towards a future where the sky truly knows no limits. Explore the future of flight with Falcon Solar – where innovation meets sustainability.

The Falcon Solar is a winner of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept for the year 2023.

Top 5 Travel Gadgets To Accompany You On Your Next Vacation

Traveling has now become a full-fledged affair, since the terror of the pandemic has waned away a little, and we’re able to jet-set about more freely. My travel bucket is currently brimming with places I need to visit and make up for the pandemic-inflicted hiatus I had to take from traveling. But as any experienced traveler will definitely tell you, before you set off on your next adventure, you need to put together a collection of handy, reliable, and well-designed travel gadgets. Great travel gadgets are essential, they have your back in the most sudden and spontaneous of situations, providing you with aid and relief when you least expect it. And, we’ve put together a bunch of innovative and functional travel-friendly products that you need to pack in your suitcase for your next trip! From a tiny all-in-one travel adapter to a travel bottle with a MagSafe iPhone stand – these products are the must-haves you need for your next holiday.

1. Nothing Power Bank

The Nothing power bank features transparent aesthetics that showcase the innards’ glory and beauty. They are illuminated by a range of small warm-toned LEDs, which provide the accessory with a Cyberpunkish look inside and out.

Why is it noteworthy?

A power bank is an ideal match for Nothing considering its usability and no-frills nature. With an impressive amount of options on the market, a transparent power bank in Nothing’s product line would be an excellent addition to their ever-growing ecosystem.

What we like

  • Perfectly complements the Nothing Phone (2)
  • Sleek transparent aesthetics

What we dislike

  • It’s a concept, so we’re not sure how well it would translate into a real-time product

2. Ringo Bottle

The Ringo Bottle merges the practicality of a water bottle with the convenience of a MagSafe-compatible iPhone stand. It transforms your smartphone into a tripod on the fly.

Why is it noteworthy?

No more shaky videos or propping your phone against precarious objects—now you can FaceTime, create TikTok videos, and shoot IG Reels like a pro, along with the benefit of having glowing skin because you’re constantly hydrated!

What we like

  • It works rather intuitively without any adjustable clamps or grips
  • It is a handy little instrument to keep your phone propped up while you watch videos, take calls, or film viral content

What we dislike

  • Unsure whether you can use the lid as a standalone tripod

3. TA-205

Meet the TA-205, a compact universal travel adapter that can support plug points in more than 200 countries. It features multiple plug-inlets to charge all your precious gadgets in one go!

Why is it noteworthy?

It includes a fast-charge USB-C port that outputs 35.5W for rapidly charging your smartphone so you can step out instead of being trapped in your hotel room. It offers dual AC sockets – a universal one and a US socket.

What we like

  • The TA-205 can deal with 1000W at 100V~ and a whopping 2400W at 240V~

What we dislike

4. The Taco Device

This adorable concept took the metaphor “let’s taco ’bout it” quite seriously! It is designed into something that utilizes the idea of the shape of the taco.

Why is it noteworthy?

The translation device is shaped like a taco and will be used by both the speaker and the listener. It’s actually like one of those two-way cup devices that you may have used when you were young (or at least those of a certain age) but now using digital technology.

What we like

  • The Taco device makes communicating more fun and functional

What we dislike

  • The shape, while good for holding, is not designed to catch sound correctly

5. Swift

Say hello to Swift – the world’s first 120W travel adapter built with 3rd GaN technology. The Swift can support sockets in over 15 countries, but it has a unique feature, unlike other adapters!

Why is it noteworthy?

Unlike any other travel adapter, it also lets you plug in as many as 6 devices at the same time and fast-charge all of them simultaneously. You’ll never travel the same way ever again.

What we like

  • Let’s you fast-charge every conceivable gadget from your phone to your tablet, laptop, power bank, camera, drone, or any other gadget

What we dislike

  • There are similar designs on the market