This Sleek MagSafe Tripod is as slim as a wallet and snaps onto the back of your iPhone

Peak Design’s new tripod for smartphones may be the slimmest one we’ve seen so far. Designed to snap onto the back of your MagSafe-enabled device, it works in both landscape and portrait, giving creators the one accessory they need to supplement their incredible smartphone camera. At its thickest point, it’s just 0.3 inches in thickness, while gradually transitioning down to 0.2 inches for a nice sleek wedge profile. It also weighs a paltry 2.6 ounces (78 grams), and is robust, thanks to its machined aluminum body. I think it’s time to say goodbye to selfie sticks and propping your phone against random objects to get the right shot.

Designer: Robb J of Peak Design

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You may remember Peak Design for their incredibly durable carbon-fiber travel tripod from 2019, although the company isn’t limiting itself to larger DSLR-adjacent gear. The aptly named Mobile Tripod is roughly the size of a MagSafe wallet, sitting perpetually on the back of your smartphone. With three legs that pop out on command, the Mobile Tripod props you phone up at just the perfect angle, allowing you to instantly begin recording videos, reactions, dance tiktoks, and vlogs, whether you’re recording in landscape or portrait.

The Mobile Tripod snaps directly onto your iPhone (or any smartphone with the MagSafe sticker), using a series of powerful neodymium magnets to firmly attach in place. It works with smartphone cases too, although Peak Design recommends using their own case which relies on their SlimLink™ technology to attach in a more secure manner.

The slim tripod fits rather neatly onto the back of your phone, with a wedge-shaped side profile that lets you slide your phone in and out of your pocket without catching any fabric or slipping off. Three legs on the back can either be popped out independently to form a traditional tripod, or can be folded open together as a single, wide kickstand that you can angle-adjust.

The Mobile Tripod comes machined from solid anodized aluminum, which holds up much better than those flimsy plastic tripods you’d find elsewhere on the internet. A “buttery-smooth” micro ballhead allows for precise adjustments with a fair amount of friction that lets it hold any angle you adjust your phone at, and anti-slip TPU feet help the tripod hold its position without sliding around. All that sort of adds up to a $71 price-point, which certainly isn’t cheap, but it’s worth the money for a product that’s sure to come incredibly handy taking selfies, tiktoks, or even answering video-calls hands-free. Oh, and did I mention that it also comes with a lifetime guarantee, like all of Peak Design’s products?

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This Leather iPhone 15 Pro Case + Wallet is perfect for those who don’t want Apple’s FineWoven cases

FineWoven is great for the environment, but the folks at The Verge have some pretty nasty stuff to say about its overall quality. It looks good for precisely a day, and then starts fraying, gathering scratches, getting dirty, and becoming quite the eyesore. FineWoven may have a lower impact on the environment on face value, but it doesn’t last as long or look as good as leather – so if you’re bummed out that Apple’s discontinued making leather cases for their iPhones, don’t worry… Mujjo hasn’t.

The Full Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 15 Pro is everything your smartphone needs to look great while staying protected. The case comes clad in premium European leather tanned in the Netherlands, with remarkable grain and a choice between black, brown, and blue finishes. A machined metal rim around the camera protects your precious lenses, while a polycarbonate inner structure with a microfiber interior lining keeps your phone protected from bumps and scratches. Moreover, each Wallet Case comes with a slot stitched into the back that holds two cards that you can easily fish out whenever you need… and unlike MagSafe, the wallet doesn’t accidentally detach while you pull your phone out of your pocket.

Designer: Mujjo

Mujjo’s leather cases complement the iPhone beautifully. They use the highest-quality leather and are tanned using a special DriTan process that doesn’t use any water whatsoever, bringing down the leather’s carbon footprint drastically. Moreover, Mujjo’s cases are built to last, and patina beautifully over time, so you’re less likely to swap them out after a year or two.

The cases feature a 3D leather wrap around a polycarbonate inner frame. The camera bump as well as the buttons on the case are made from recycled metal, and the phone features a luxurious Japanese microfiber lining on the inside that ensures your iPhone 15 Pro’s glass back doesn’t get scratched. The cases are even MagSafe compatible, which means you can snap Apple’s MagSafe charger onto the back and have it juice your iPhone’s battery. You’ll have to remove the cards, though.

Full Leather Wallet Case on the iPhone 15 Pro

Mujjo’s cases don’t just protect your phone, they respect their aesthetic too. The cases come made from the highest-quality leather (Gold Rated by the Leather Working Group) while also ensuring the leather is processed adhering to strict environmental standards, sans the use of harsh chemicals. Moreover, unlike Apple’s FineWoven which shows signs of wear and tear within days of use, Mujjo backs its case with a 2-year warranty against craftsmanship/manufacturing defects. The leather case adorns the iPhone beautifully, and patinas with time, gathering even more character as the leather ages. Mujjo’s Full Leather Wallet Case is designed to be compatible with the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max with a price range of $54 to $64 depending on the model and size.

Full Leather Wallet Case on the iPhone 15 Pro

Full Leather Wallet Case on the iPhone 15 Pro

This MagSafe Wallet + Power Bank + Tracking Device might just be the Ultimate iPhone Accessory ever

The people who say Less Is More clearly didn’t come across the Stympro. A 4-in-1 accessory for your iPhone, this bad-boy is a MagSafe Power Bank, a Wallet, a Phone Stand, and a ‘Find My’ compatible Tracking Device all bundled into one. Quite literally the perfect accessory for your iPhone, the Stympro charges your device, stores your cards, and lets you track your belongings if they ever get stolen. It measures 10mm thick (0.3 inches), weighs 100 grams (3.5 ounces), and also props up your phone if you want to FaceTime hands-free. Pretty neat, eh?

Designer: Stympro Tech

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Call me a bit of a pessimist, but I wouldn’t expect Apple to make a gadget like the Stympro. Why? Because it just doesn’t make any business sense. Why sell them a 4-in-1 product when you could sell them 4 individual products, right?! The Stympro does the job of a wallet, a charger, a stand, and an AirTag, all of which together would end up costing you well over $200. The Stympro, on the other hand, is a nifty $79 gadget that packs everything into one convenient design. With a PU leather exterior (it isn’t FineWoven, but that’s alright), the Stympro snaps to the back of your iPhone using the MagSafe protocol. It sports a slot that holds 3 payment cards (just like Apple’s MagSafe wallet), charges your phone thanks to its built-in 2000mAh battery (just like Apple’s now discontinued MagSafe Battery pack), and also has its own Find My feature that lets you track the wallet if it ever goes missing. If that wasn’t enough, the wallet also doubles as a kickstand thanks to a built-in hinge, turning into an easel of sorts to prop your phone up in both landscape as well as portrait modes.

The Stympro’s stand feature works in landscape and in portrait.

The Stympro comes with a polycarbonate body that has a PU leather clad over it. N52 magnets on the inside allow the Stympro to attach securely to your iPhone, and a microfiber inner lining ensures the accessory doesn’t leave scratches on your phone’s glass back. A 2000mAh inner battery begins charging your phone the second it snaps on, relying on MagSafe for alignment and Qi-charging protocols to deliver 7.5W of wireless power to your device. To charge the Stympro’s inner battery, a USB-C port built into the bottom lets you merely plug it into your phone charger.

Stympro holds anywhere between 1-3 cards

Although designed to attach to your phone, the Stympro’s makers also envisioned a scenario where the 4-in-1 wallet isn’t affixed to the back of your smartphone. In the eventuality that your iPhone and Stympro get separated, a built-in tracker lets you determine the location of your wallet on the iPhone’s Find My app in real-time. A tweeter within the wallet also lets you remotely ‘ring’ your Stympro, allowing you to hear it if it’s in a messy or crowded space and is difficult to spot.

It’s easy to just dub the Stympro as a ‘multifunctional’ wallet, but what it does is just common sense, if you look at it from a consumer lens. It just doesn’t make sense for the four different products (power bank, wallet, stand, tracking device) to exist as independent objects. In fact, isn’t that the very ethos behind the iPhone? When Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, he dubbed it as an “iPod with touch controls, a phone, and a breakthrough internet communications device.” Through constant repetition of this very phrase, Jobs hinted at the fact that what he was talking about wasn’t three separate products – it was one single device, capable of doing multiple things. In all those ways, the Stympro is just that, a cleverly built accessory that handles multiple crucial roles while being the best damn companion your iPhone could ask for.

The Stympro comes in Midnight Black and Orange variants, starting at a discounted price of $79 with global shipping beginning in November of this year.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $119 (34% Off) Hurry! Only 6 days left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $119 (34% Off) Hurry! Only 6 days left!