How BLUETTI Power Week helps you power through any interruption or outdoor adventure

A lot of things are said to make the world go round, but there is very little doubt that electricity is what powers modern civilization, literally. Not only do our phones, computers, and gadgets require electricity to run, but the appliances that bring safety and comfort to our lives also rely on this kind of power, whether directly from an outlet or from a battery. Unfortunately, electric power isn’t as ubiquitous and as reliable as it may seem, especially when you take factors like outages and off-grid locations into consideration. Fortunately, BLUETTI is on top of things and has a rich selection of power generators that not only help you survive interruptions and enjoy outdoor escapades, they also let you live with green and safe power whenever and wherever you need it.

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Outlast Outages with the BLUETTI AC300 and EP500

There’s nothing more stressful than being plunged into darkness at home, especially during an already nerve-wracking storm. That’s an especially harrowing experience when you need power for critical appliances or medical devices. In the old days, you’d be left at the mercy of a gasoline-chugging generator just to power up a few of these products. Today, BLUETTI offers plenty of options depending not only on the power you need but also on your mobility.

The BLUETTI AC300, for example, brings a modular system that revolves around a 3,000W pure sine wave inverter that you can pair with a B300 battery module capable of holding 3,072Wh of power. This modular lets you not only move each piece as needed but even expand the capacity to up to 12,288Wh with four B300 modules. An AC300 and a single B300 are enough to power an 800W AC refrigerator for 12 hours or a 1,000W microwave for 10 hours. And if you need even more power, you can combine two sets of AC300 and four B300 batteries using the BLUETTI Fusion Box Pro for an incredible 24,576Wh of power, enough to get your household through a weekend.

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The beauty of the AC300 lies in its modularity, but if you want something a bit more integrated, then the BLUETTI EP500 might be your cup of tea. The suitcase-like portable battery has four wheels that make it easy to move around the house to deliver its 5,100Wh battery capacity anywhere you might need it. With a 2,000W pure sine wave inverter and 15 outlets, this mobile home backup power supply not only lets you survive an outage for a day or two, it can also power your DIY tools, parties, and any other activity that needs a lot of juice away from wall sockets.

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Go Green with the BLUETTI AC200MAX and AC180

One of the biggest advantages of BLUETTI’s products is that you can live on green power as much as you want to. No more scrambling for planet-killing fuel during a catastrophe or wishing for wall sockets in the great outdoors. Whether you want to power your house with truly green energy or want to enjoy an off-grid vacation in a cabin, BLUETTI has got you covered.

Like its sibling, the BLUETTI AC200MAX boasts a modular design that puts you in control of just how much power you want to purchase or bring along with you on a trip. On its own, however, the AC200MAX already brings its own 2,048Wh battery and a 2,200W inverter, but you can also double that capacity with a matching 2,048Wh B320 battery module for a total of 4,096Wh of power. With 16 outlets that include 120V/20A and 120V/30A AC ports, this potent pair can charge all your devices and power your appliances in an emergency or when away from power outlets. Plus, you can charge the batteries themselves using fast 900W solar charging, topping up in just 3 to 3.5 hours.

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If you need something more compact for a quick getaway, the BLUETTI AC180 offers green power on the go. With a 1,152Wh battery capacity and 1,800W output, you can run even power-hungry dryers and electric kettles. It’s also an ideal solution as an emergency UPS for those moments when you need to keep a computer running even with brief power interruptions. And being battery-powered, it’s a lot safer and quieter than traditional gas generators, and you can charge it up using solar panels as well.

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Indoor Convenience Outdoors with the BLUETTI EB3A and AC60

People are thankfully rediscovering the joys of spending days and nights outdoors, but we can never shake off being dependent on electronics for both essentials as well as entertainment. Whether it’s making sure food stays cold and fresh or charging cameras and drones that record these precious moments, you’ll want a reliable power source that just works, even when there’s nary a wall socket in sight. And yes, BLUETTI has answers for that as well.

The BLUETTI EB3A combines power and sustainability in a very portable package, offering 600W of power from a 268Wh battery, enough to charge a 60W drone more than four times, or an iPhone 12 as much as 25 times. Its LiFePO4 battery delivers reliability and safety, ensuring you’ll be able to use this power station for years. And when you pair it with a 200W PV200 folding solar panel, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of the great outdoors.

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Last but definitely not least, the BLUETTI AC60 brings the brand’s modular design to a smaller scale. With a 403Wh capacity and 600W output, this portable power station can handle laptops, mobile devices, and even small refrigerators, especially when you hook up an 806Wh B80 battery module. This pair is truly built for outdoor use, with an IP65 dust and water resistance rating and a rugged design that lets it handle anything you or Mother Nature throw at it. And with Turbo Charging technology, you can charge the battery itself in just 1 hour using a 600W AC source.

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Just because we’re dependent on electronics doesn’t mean we have to be slaves to wall sockets and the grid. With BLUETTI’s wide variety of portable and solar power stations, you can enjoy the conveniences of modern life wherever you are and in any situation. And with the BLUETTI Power Week, there isn’t a better time to get your hands on one of these long-term investments, especially when you can get BLUETTI-branded merchandise a cap, a T-shirt, or a hoodie when you go over a certain value. So stop stumbling in the darkness or stressing outdoors with the clean, green, and portable energy of BLUETTI power stations and solar panels.

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