The Raven Is A Sleek All-Black Tiny Home That Supports a Full Off-Grid Flexible Lifestyle

The Raven Is A Sleek All-Black Tiny Home That Supports a Full Off-Grid Flexible Lifestyle

The Raven is a striking and impressive tiny home designed by Canada’s Rewild Homes. It features an eye-catching all-black finish while boasting off-grid flexibility amped with a solar panel and a generator setup. The interiors of the Raven are beautifully designed, flaunting a U-shaped kitchen, and a cozy loft-based home library. It measures 30 feet in length and is supported by a triple-axle trailer with a sleek metallic finish.

Designer: Rewild Homes

As you enter the tiny home, you are welcomed by the living room, which has a generous amount of space for a sofa, storage cabinet, and some shelving. The home is powered by Philips Hue’s smart lighting, which illuminates the space quite effectively. Adjacent to the living is a U-shaped kitchen which is planned around a central oven with a four-burner propane-powered stove. The kitchen contains a breakfast bar with stool seating, a fridge/freezer, and a sink, as well as a generous amount of cabinetry.

The other end of the home features the bathroom, which is quite large and spacious for a tiny home. The bathroom includes a composting toilet, shower, and sink. There is a washer/dryer as well as some cabinetry in there. The walls have been finished in a lovely Shou Sugi Ban-treated wood, which is the Japanese technique of charring wood to preserve it.

The Raven tiny home is equipped with two lofts, the master bedroom is located in one, and it can be accessed via a storage-integrated staircase. This kind of space is quite commonly seen in tiny homes, and are usually outfitted with a low ceiling, and space for a double bed. The second loft also features a low ceiling, and it can be utilized as a home library. You can access this space via a sliding ladder that can be stowed to one side.

The tiny home is powered via an EcoFlow solar panel array and a battery setup that were added by the owners. These are also accompanied by a dual-fuel generator by EcoFlow, which runs using propane or gasoline, allowing the lights to always be on irrespective of the weather.