These Dashcams are on 25% Discount: Here’s How To Upgrade Your Car’s Safety Today

These Dashcams are on 25% Discount: Here’s How To Upgrade Your Car’s Safety Today

Image: 70mai A810 Dash Cam 4K HDR

Here’s a fact you probably didn’t know – In the time it takes to blink, a car traveling at 60 mph will have moved over 50 feet. It’s exactly that much of a moment, a single blink, that is enough to change an entire life or multiple lives… and while your eyes might have missed that moment, a dashcam never blinks. Once a tool for law enforcement, these compact devices have become indispensable for everyday drivers around the globe. With road incidents on the rise and accountability more important than ever, we’re diving into why equipping your vehicle with a dashcam isn’t just smart—it’s essential. Whether it’s a near brush with death, a careless driver/pedestrian flouting traffic rules, or just a vandal trying to cause trouble, having a steady pair of eyes on the road helps keep you safe and also helps prove your point. The folks at 70mai, makers of some of the leading dashcams on the market, are running a 25% discount on their best-selling dashcams. With features such as 4K capture, AI motion detection, built-in GPS, and 24-hour surveillance, 70mai’s dashcams start as low as $66 and fit easily on both the front and the rear of your car, monitoring every corner to keep your car, but also ultimately you and your family, safe.

1. 70mai Omni Dash Cam 360° Vehicle Security Guard

Touted as the world’s first-ever 360° rotating dashcam, the 70mai Omni monitors the front, rear, and even insides of your car. The single-unit camera attaches to your front windshield, with a 140° FoV wide-angle lens that can rotate 360° to surveil every corner of your car and its periphery. The cameras rely on best-in-class OS02K10 sensors which record at FullHD 1080p@60fps in HDR, working even in low light thanks to 70mai’s Night Owl Vision feature. The patented design features a compact display for viewing your feed, and a set of rotating cameras that leave no stone unturned, especially given their AI-powered features that track motion, humans, and collisions. Moreover, the dashcam’s ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) feature helps you stay aware of your surroundings as you drive. 24-hour smart surveillance means your car stays alert even when you’re not in it, and video footage gets recorded locally to an eMMC built-in storage (this offers faster read and write speeds than an SD card), and can also be accessed using 70mai’s app. The camera automatically rolls over older footage if it doesn’t detect any activity, and automatically saves logs of events/detections that don’t get deleted, allowing you to access them at a later date. The Omni comes with voice control, along with a built-in GPS that location-stamps your footage and even tracks your routes for you, making it a remarkably vigilant companion. Currently running on a special 25% discount, the 128G version Omni with hardwire kit bundle starts at just $164.98 which includes the camera unit, mounting accessories, a crowbar for concealing the wiring behind the interior paneling, a power cable, and a car charger to keep your dashcam charged when its 300mAh battery runs out.

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2. 70mai A810 Dash Cam 4K HDR

If you’re looking for something reliable without breaking the bank, the A810 is a stellar pick. It uses Sony’s best-in-class STARVIS sensor to capture 4K footage from the front while offering 1080P HDR footage from the rear camera of your car. The two-part camera system attaches to your front and rear windshield, with dual-channel HDR recording and 70mai’s Night Owl Vision that gives you a clear picture even in low-light settings. A 150° FoV on the front and 130° on the back gives a reliable wide-angle view of your car with hardly any blind spots, and the dashcam’s display and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) prove handy when it comes to navigating tight spaces or parking. The A810’s smart features allow it to capture incidents before they even happen. The camera runs on a 24-hour surveillance mode, rolling over older footage with a new video feed. AI-powered software aids in motion detection, human detection, and collision detection, and the dashcam sends alerts to your smartphone through a dedicated app, while also saving a log of any event that it may have captured. The video is also accompanied by GPS metadata that proves incredibly handy in ensuring the validity of legal and insurance claims. The 70mai Dash Cam 4K A810 is available for a special Christmas discounted price of $149.98, which includes the two cameras, mounting gear, a hardwire kit for parking surveillance, a power cord, and a car charger that lets you juice the dashcam’s 500mAh battery.

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3. 70mai A800S Dash Cam 4K UHD

For $45 less, the 70mai A800S is a compelling budget alternative with a $104.99 price tag. It has all of the A810’s features including dual-channel 4K recording with 70mai Night Owl Vision, built-in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), and 3D dynamic noise reduction to give you a clear image in both night and day. The A800S, however, records at a slightly smaller 140° FoV, and at 30fps, using Sony IMX415 sensors on both the front and back. Those minor changes don’t affect the A800S’ performance, given that it still has all the AI-powered motion, human, and collision-detection features. You’ve still got 24-hour surveillance, which lets you keep an eye on your car even when you’re not inside, and events get logged locally on an SD card and can be accessed, along with GPS data, on 70mai’s smartphone app. The A800S is available for a discounted $104.98, which fetches you the dual-camera setup, mounts, a power cable, and a car-charger.

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4. 70mai A500S Dash Cam 2.7K Ultra Full HD

At $65.99, the A500S is 70mai’s best-selling dashcam on sale. With 1944p recording capabilities, the video footage is just above FullHD (2.7K to be precise), thanks to Sony IMX335 sensors on the front and back that offer stellar recording quality even at night (coupled with 70mai’s 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction). A 140° FoV, parking surveillance, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), time-lapse recording, built-in GPS, and a companion app give you everything you need if you’re looking for a budget-friendly dashcam for your car. Don’t trust us, how about asking the 500,000 drivers who use it every day?!

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