This gorgeous Ferrari EV Charger pays tribute to the Italian marque’s design legacy

A perfect blend of the old tradition with a new vision.

Designed originally as a visual language exercise, this Ferrari EV charger really does get the heart and engine racing. The charger pays tribute to Ferrari’s roots with a design language that borrows from the curvilinear surfaces of its own cars. The charger’s body is a standing tribute to the Dino 246 GT, visible through the charger’s main module, which looks like the iconic car’s top view.

Designers: Sungmin Hwang & PDF Haus

The Ferrari EV Charger does a stellar job of capturing the aerodynamics of the Italian company’s cars. The charger, shaped like a vertical column, comes with an incredible amount of detail located at the eye level. Its iconic red hue is visible from a distance, and as you pull up, you notice the smooth form, the carbon fiber detailing, and the iconic prancing horse logo. Arrive at the pump and it identifies your car once you plug the port into your car’s inlet. The pump greets you by name, using a backlit LED panel right under the horse logo, before your car’s battery is replenished.

The charger’s incredibly intuitive to use, and comes with just two buttons. One to prematurely stop the charging process, and another to wind or unwind the port’s long cable.

While your battery’s being replenished, the Ferrari EV Charger also does a quick diagnostic check on your car, giving you updates on your battery health, range, driving stats, tire pressure, etc. The charging procedure effectively also troubleshoots your car for you, so you’re aware of anything that may need servicing. Meanwhile, Ferrari’s notified too, just in case you ever need their assistance.

The overall design of the EV Charger evokes the same emotions as you’d get from a Ferrari itself. The charger looks iconic, dependable, aerodynamic, and exciting. It’s easy to locate and easier to use, making owning an electric Ferrari a dream. In June, it was reported that Ferrari was building a $4.6 billion dollar EV factory right in the town of Maranello, where it produces all its cars. This new facility will entirely be responsible for Ferrari’s new fleet of upcoming EVs, as the Italian automotive giant hopes to go carbon neutral by 2030.