Top 10 Electric Bikes That Fuse Killer Speed & Dashing Good Looks Without Harming The Planet

Top 10 Electric Bikes That Fuse Killer Speed & Dashing Good Looks Without Harming The Planet

There is no automotive lover out there whose heart doesn’t start beating like crazy when they catch sight of a menacing and jaw-dropping bike! Now, make that bike electric, and you have the best of both worlds. They’re powerful, super-fast and not to mention a boon to the environment. And we’ve curated a collection of innovative electric bike designs that will blow your minds. From killer speed to dashing good looks to impenetrable safety standards – every bike in this collection has something fantastic to offer. From a cyberpunk-worthy electric bike to a shape-shifting electric bike – there is something in here for everyone. Enjoy!

1. Ayra

Dubbed the Ayra, this electric bike infuses the DNA of a city bike and a performance racer on steroids, to function as a lethal road legal machine. It features an aerodynamically tuned build with a robust mono-shock swingarm setup on the rear, while the front maintains the structural integrity of the bike while managing to lower the stance for a more sturdy and reliable ride setup.


Called the ATHENA, this shape-shifting electric bike features a translucent material that conveys the strength of the outer contour when seen from a distance. ATHENA’s shape-shifting ability is its focal point, as it allows you to raise or lower the whole saddle section. The whole module can be swapped with another one as well!

3. eZpin

This eZpin concept is designed as a retrofuturistic reinterpretation of this aerodynamic custom bike from Bandit9. It is quite similar to the teardrop-shaped 125cc rider but also has a few new traits to boast – an electric powertrain, a retro-inspired body featuring riveted sheet-metal panels, and an ultramodern set of hubless wheels.

4. BMW Motorrad x Nvidia Electric Bike

Meet a BMW Motorrad electric bike powered by NVIDIA guts! The designer has created an NVIDIA-powered architecture for electric motorcycles of the future, where old motorbike parts can be swapped with new ones. Although it does sound quite adventurous, if hypothetically everything does go to plan, we could have an automotive whose scope for modularity, personalization, and upgradability is incomparable to any other.

5. TRISO Electric Motorcycle

The TRISO Electric Motorcycle is an adaptable commuter that is targeted towards the younger crowd – those aged between 20-30. It is designed for them to showcase their passion for driving, while also being conscious and considerate of the planet. It has three riding modes – Eco, Road, and Explore – each one featuring a different shape and riding style.

6. Model-Z

Dubbed the Model-Z, this electric bike is designed for motorbike lovers who want to easily commute between cities without compromising on their riding experience. It is a lightweight bike designed for easy maneuvering in crowded cityscapes. The signature visual elements of the bike are inspired by BMW.

7. Polestar EV

The Polestar EV has an interesting geometric and edgy design. It features a high-riding position that is backed by a high-grade suspension system. The design ranks high in ergonomics and functionality, so the bike’s good looks aren’t simply for visual appeal, but also to provide a defined shape that is practical.

8. Hydra

Say hello to Hydra, an e-bike with a difference! Hydra utilizes an experimental solution – hydrogen fuel cells. The fuel cells eliminate toxic battery acids that can cause damage to the environment if not disposed of correctly. The only by-products of pure hydrogen are heat and water, ensuring that the technology is zero-emission and a sustainable power source.


Dubbed the NUPO e-sports bike, this two-wheeled bike is edgy, cyberpunkish, and dominating. It is quite similar to the Cybertruck and has simple surfaces rather than complicated ones. It features a cold and calculating light-strip headlight, and silver paint job giving the bike a truly sleek and futuristic appeal.

10. DATbike

The DATbike is an electric conceptual dirt bike designed by Vietnam-based Carota Design. It features an incredibly lean frame, with a heavy battery at the base, and a hollow ‘fuel tank’ that makes for a super interesting silhouette! It comes with a simple yet edgy aesthetic, accentuated further by the use of matte and satin finishes, and the grey and orange colorway.